On Friday, 22 July 2022, at 8:00 a.m. the classes WS6 and WS 7, accompanied by Mrs. Kramer and Mr. Zimmermann, took the bus from Wackersdorf to Schwandorf to visit our future school building.
From Schwandorf station we walked to Glätzlestraße where our new school is. We enjoyed the warm summer morning and were in good mood and our teachers guided. Because of a construction site we had to entert he building through the beautiful break area at the Kreuzberg. After testing the canteen (the most important part of a school), we went upstairs to check out the classrooms of the commercial school. If we had known how many stairs there are we would never have agreed to go there. The classrooms were very beautiful and the new Smartboads and the Übungsfirma area impressed us. Furthermore, the headmistress Mrs. Merkle gave us a very warm welcome and told us how happy she was that we would be part of the Schwandorf school family from September. Before taking our well-deserved break, we even got to print our hands on to a wall in the school.
After the break Mrs. Kramer said goodbye and Mrs. Schwendtner took over. Our bus back to Wackersdorf left from the Erlebnisbad. So, again, we had to walk there. As it was 11 a.m. by then temperatures were quite high and it was very hot. Luckily the bus at AC…                                                                                                 (WS 6 and 7 revised by Zimmermann)